Alúa Soul Mallorca Resort

The Alúa Soul Mallorca Resort Hotel, a four-star adults only category and located on the island of Mallorca, offers direct access to the beach of Egos Cove. The hotel, located 2km from Cala D'Or, has rooms with balcony, terraces, restaurant, bar and swimming pool among other facilities.

The hotel has recently been refurbished, becoming one of the reference hotels in the area. It is one of the hotels included in the Alúa portfolio, acquisition executed on February 2018, which includes 7 hotels.

  • Location: Mallorca
  • Category: 4* only adults
  • Number of keys: 371
  • Hotel type: Resort
  • Operator: Alúa
  • Contract type: Fixed rent + variable rent
  • Contract duration: 10 years + two extensions of 5 years


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