Dunas Maspalomas Hotel

The Dunas Maspalomas Hotel, a four star adults only hotel, is located on the island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, very close to the beach of Maspalomas.

It has a fitness room, restaurants, swimming pools and access to a multitude of water sports. Its rooms are distributed as follows: 226 single bedroom bungalows, including 5 Suites; 22 two bedrooms bungalows including 2 Premium Suites; and 14 three bedrooms bungalows.

The hotel will undergo a refurbishment during 2018.

  • Location: Gran Canaria
  • Category: 4 * Adults Only
  • Number of keys: 262
  • Parking
  • Hotel type: Resort
  • Operator: Dunas
  • Contract type: Fixed + variable according to results
  • Contract duration: Dec-2026 + 3 extensions of 10 years


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