Spanish real estate potencial plus further upside on positive macroeconomic outlook.

Optimal Structure

Listed Company managed by Azora, an independent asset manager with over 2,500 million of assets under management, and with a governance of the Company led by a highly experienced Board with a majority of independent Directors.

Quality Assets

Hispania intends to build a high quality real estate portfolio by investing in cash flow generating assets primarily in residential properties, offices and hotels in Spain, where value can be created through active management.

About us


ispania Activos Inmobiliarios, S.A. (Hispania) is a Spanish company established in January 2014, with the objective to acquire and manage real estate assets in Spain in order to maximize shareholder returns through active management. [+]

Our strengths

  • Participate in the real estate market recovery

  • Professional and transparent management

  • Long term value for shareholders through active management