ESTRICT CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Listed company externally managed by Azora, an independent management company with more than EUR 3,000 million under management, and supervised by a Board of Directors with a majority of independents.

EXPERIENCE AND EXCELLENCE: Sophisticated approach aimed at extracting the value found in complex market situations. Experience in real estate investment, development and management, capital markets, realising returns on real estate funds, mergers & acquisitions, with the ultimate goal of creating added value.

Recognised experience throughout the investment process, from origination to sale




RIGOROUS INVESTMENT APPROACH: The company employs a rigorous investment, analysis and risk management approach. Diversification across three asset classes dilutes risk and balances out sources of value creation for shareholders.

OPPORTUNITY: We see complexity as an opportunity for extracting value. We are capitalising on the opportunities presented by the Spanish real estate sector as the economy continues to recover.

FLEXIBILITY: Hispania invests and operates with the flexibility needed to be able to react to the real estate cycle.

QUALITY ASSETS: Hispania has created a portfolio of high-quality and high-return real estate assets mainly in the office, residential and hotel sectors, all of which are actively managed by Azora.

An extraordinary investment and asset management platform



ALIGNMENT WITH INVESTORS: The Azora management team is firmly aligned with shareholder interests, and this takes the form of exclusive dedication and strict corporate governance.

– Hispania is listed on the main benchmark index of the European real estate market: the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Global Estate Index, which is operated by the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA).
– This index is an indicator that reflects general trends in real estate shares throughout the world, and its members share standards in order to standardise the financial information they exchange with one another and with investors, and in corporate governance.
– Hispania's membership of this index increases its visibility among international investors and provides a global seal of quality and transparency as a listed real estate company.